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  Marble & Stone Experts

Avoid costly stone floor replacement and ensure your floors keep their natural beauty for the decades to come. Over the years, everyday wear and tear, salt and chemicals will remove the finish from your stone floors, leaving them cloudy and dull. If allowed to continue the damage could worsen and lead to severe pitting and the need for costly replacement.

NBBM halt’s this process by using industry leading equipment and diamond-coated pads to grind the marble, removing a thin layer of the stone, and then polish it to produce an attractive sheen.
Your investment demands the best!

When planning stone floor restoration it is important to understand the various types of stone and their characteristics. The three main types of stone used in flooring are marble, granite and limestone.


Granite generally has a solid background with shiny specks or flecks of crystals throughout the surface.


Limestone usually ranges in color from Gray to tan and is generally uniform appearance with little or no veining. Limestone can also have fossils, iron & calcite streaks as other identifying features. Limestone floors are soft and scratch easily. These can be polished but will generally not achieve a ‘mirror like” shine.


Marble comes in a wide range of colors usually with veins and various colors running through it. It ranges from soft to very hard and will polish well to a deep “mirror like” reflection

  ESD Epoxy Cleaning Experts

ESD Epoxy floors are stronger, more durable, more resilient and chemically more resistant than conventional flooring systems. They will stand up to traffic for longer periods than concrete, wooden or tile sub surfaces.

The cleaner the floor is kept, the longer it will last. If not removed regularly, fine particles of dust, dirt, debris etc., act as abrasives with traffic. It is particularly important to keep clean the epoxy floors in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

The selection of correct cleaning compounds and cleaning techniques are equally important factors of effective cleaning.